Company Overview


August Rose is a holistic body care line which emphasizes nourishing the body with 100% organic and animal-cruelty free products. Our products are unisex, hand-made and have been intentionally created to rejuvenate and replenish your body,  ultimately leaving you smelling and feeling great. August Rose was birthed in the essence of freedom; freedom from the harmful ingredients which dominate the most common body care products, freedom from the confines of gender and age, the freedom of self-expression through scent  and self-care, and the freedom to be a rose in the August sun, standing out boldly and illuminating light. 


Our vision is to penetrate all aspects of the skin with organic products that will nurture and replenish it. It is our intent to not only restore healthy skin but to aid in discovering the beauty that lies within. August Rose aims to ignite confidence and emphasizes self expression. We believe that when you look and smell good, you in turn feel good.